Reading is one of those things I wished I would have started when I was younger.  Reading has expanded my knowledge on so many topics and interests and by extension, those around me as well.  At the risk of hyperbole, reading has changed my life and continues to do so. I would like to share just a few examples of how reading has impacted me.

When I bought a small business, the first couple of years went pretty well but I came to the realization that I needed more knowledge to continue to grow..  I started to devour every business book I could find.  It helped me with gaining knowledge regarding employee relations, marketing, advertising, accounting, along with understanding the many personal aspects of running a business.  By the time I sold the business, store sales and profit increased significantly.  Much of the success can be attributed to my employees, but much of it wouldn’t have happened without the authors who took time to share their own business experiences.  They ultimately were a significant part of my success.

I have always had an interest in personal finance and investing, and it made sense to me that one should try to maximize their income and investments to help build whatever life they are looking for.  Initially, I learned information through magazines, newspaper articles, television financial shows, business channels, etc.  Slowly I started to understand that most of these sources didn’t really have my best interest in mind and were heavily influenced by advertisers.  I had learned just enough to figure out I needed more in-depth information and proof of what really works and what doesn’t.  So, I turned to books, literally dozens, and as time went by, I was able to sort out the reality from the nonsense.  The authors of these books helped both my wife and I achieve personal freedom at a fairly young age. 

I have also learned how to relate and understand other people better due to reading about personalities and psychology.  After taking the Myers-Briggs personality test, I read multiple books on my own results along with how my type interacts with my wife, children, friends, etc.  It has made me more understanding of others, along with hopefully making me a better husband, father and friend. 

On a recent vacation I picked up a book on eating a plant-based diet- The Whole Foods Diet by John Mackey, Alona Pulde, MD and Matthew Lederman, MD.  Never in my life would I have thought I would eat a strictly plant based diet!  This book convinced me there was something to this and after reading another dozen books or so, I have expanded my knowledge on nutrition greatly.  I have a much clearer understanding of how plant-based diets affects my own health and its impact on avoiding chronic illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes and hypertension.  My wife and I have started to eat far healthier along with understanding why and what we are eating more clearly.  We have thoroughly enjoyed the transition and the food. Again, in my view, a life changing event that occurred through reading.

After reading several books related to health and aging (based on the Harvard Study on Aging), I learned that early death has far less to do with genetics versus our own behavior regarding drugs, alcohol, diet, exercise, and smoking.  Many people think they are predisposed to certain diseases due to their family history, but it simply isn’t true in many cases.  It pays to take care of yourself; have I mentioned books can be life changing?

And where did the information within this website come from?  Books!  Many of my favorites are listed within the recommended resources tab of the website.  Whatever topic you are interested in there will be hundreds of books to help you find the information you are looking for. Start changing your life today.

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